Big Little Books Collector Guide

Big Little Books Collector Guide

Big Little Book Price Guide for Big Little Book collectors
Also Better Little Books, Saalfield Books,
Fast Action Books, Big Big Books and all other BLB-related books.

"Big Little Books"
Jon R. Warren
iGuide Media
Description: The complete guide to collecting Big Little Books and related books with over 1,000 current market values.
200+ b&w
Soft cover
5.5" x 8.5"
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Release Date: October 15, 2003

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How to Buy Without Getting Bitten
Sell and Make a Profit

Big Little Books are part of the culture and history of America. They remind us of our past, and of carefree days gone by. For collectors, they bring a joy not found in other hobbies.

There is something for everyone. Whether you like Disneyana, movie memorabilia, super heroes, sci-fi, westerns, or you just like these comic book precursors there is something about these wonderful books that makes them irresistible.

Many people fall in love with Big Little Books when they hold one and thumb through it, but often they hesitate to collect because of their lack of experience and fear of making a mistake. Help is here!

Guide Makes it Fun and Easy

Collecting is fun and relatively inexpensive, because the speculators and "investors" haven't manipulated the market the way they have with so many other collectibles.

The challenge for relatively new collectors is knowing how to determine a value for a book you want to buy or sell. Big Little Books: The Complete Guide to Collecting Whitman Big Little Books and Similar Books, with Prices by Jon R. Warren is the only current guide available and still in print.

Easy to Learn Grades and Values

Warren has designed his guide to make it easy for a beginner and a great resource for a veteran collector. The simple to use system for determining value can be learned by a beginner in five minutes. Experienced collectors use the Big Little Books guide as their "BLB Bible" because it provides a valuable guide to determining values, quickly and easily.

You will find a complete identification listing and market value for Big Little Books, Better Little Books, Saalfield Little Big Books, and all similar and related children's books referred to as Big Little Books. This includes Big Big Books, Pop-up Books, Dime Books, Dell Fast Action Books, as well as premiums and give-away booklets.

Warren began buying and selling collectibles at the age of 14, and now you can take advantage of his wealth of knowledge and experience. His Big Little Books guide has 192 pages packed with everything you need to be a successful collector.

You will learn:

  • the history of Big Little Books
  • how to grade the condition
  • how to instantly determine the current market value
  • how to buy and sell books one at a time, or in bulk
  • how to make sure you never pay too much, or sell too low
  • where to find books you can collect
  • Internet resources for collectors
  • and MUCH more!

Complete Listing of EVERY Book

The Big Little Books guide contains the most complete listing of every book you could collect. Each book is listed in alphabetical order from Abbie An' Slats to Zip Saunders King of the Speedway.

Each description includes the title, series and series number, publisher data, title page notes, collector notes, year of release, and additional details to aid in identification and authentication.

The Big Little Book guide contains:

  • Origin and History
  • How to Start Collecting
  • The Best Source for Buying Through the Mail
  • How to Sell One at a Time
  • How to Sell Your Entire Collection
  • How to Grade (Determine Condition)
  • Web Sites with Helpful Information
  • Identification and Valuation

This is no skimpy little booklet. The Big Little Books guide contains 192 pages of valuable information, and a thorough description of every book, including lots of photos.

Look what people are saying ...

"When I got the Big Little Book guide I started reading right away. It really helped me feel like I could understand how to collect." Mary R.

"I was so excited after I read through it, the next thing I did was go to eBay and place three bids. I was too worried to do that before. Now I buy and sell with confidence." Jim S.

"Without the Big Little Book guide I would be just shooting in the dark. Because of the guide I can find the bargains and snatch them up." George K.

What one man spent a lifetime learning through trial and error, you can learn in one evening curled up with this fascinating and informative guide book.

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